Welcome to Holy Cross Church, Chatton.

sunday worship

  • 1st SundayServices held in
    Holy Cross Church, Chatton

9:30am unless stated

Register of Burials

We are currently digitizing the church records and, to date, have the current Register of Burials from 31st March 1928 to the present time. These records may be searched here.


Wild card character

The percent character (%) may be used as a wild card to substitute any number of characters e.g.

  • Surname: Wilson will only return the surname Wilson
  • Surname: Wil% will return surnames Wilson, Williams, Williamson, Wilmot, etc.
  • Surname: Wil%son will return surnames Wilson, Williamson, Wilkinson, etc.
  • If the Surname field is left blank, all surnames will be returned