Welcome to Holy Cross Church, Chatton.

sunday worship

  • 1st SundayServices held in
    Holy Cross Church, Chatton

9:30am unless stated

Our Windows

Holy Cross has a number of very fine stained glass windows. Click on the thumbnail below to view the gallery with option to start a slideshow.

The Lady Chapel

On the north wall there are two windows dedicated by the parishioners to the memory of the Reverend Mathew Burrell, 25 years vicar of Chatton who died 29th March 1869. Each window is in three sections:-

Left Window

DSC_2799.JPGThe centre of the left window depicts a St. Luke (shown by the ox) holding a scroll on which is written "for as much as you..."

On the left Jesus prays in the garden of Gethsemane "let this cup pass from me, but not my will but thine", and on the right, Mary and the beloved disciple stand at the foot of the cross.

Right Window

The window on the right depicts St. John the Evangelist (shown by the eagle) holding a scroll of the words from the beginning of the Forth Gospel "in the beginning was...." On the left is portrayed the Transfiguration with Moses holding in the tablets of the law and Elijah holding a book and on the right there is a depiction of the resurrection.

East Wall

On the east wall (behind the alter screen) there is a window to the memory of Algernon, Duke of Northumberland, given by his tenants in the parish of Chatton. Under his coat of arms there are three scenes from the parable of the Good Samaritan.

The Sanctuary

The east window is in memory of John Allen of Hetton who died in 1836 aged 66 years. It portrays Jesus in majesty with St. Peter on the left and St. John on the right. Above the window there is a cross and to angels (one without a face) with the words "He became obedient unto death, even death on a cross".

On the south wall of the sanctuary are two windows. The one at the east was erected by Captain S. E. Widdrington RN KTS FRS FGS, in memory of his father Reverend Joseph Cook, vicar of Chatton for 43 years. It shows Jesus giving the keys of the kingdom to St. Peter. The window on the west is of the good Shepherd.

The South Wall of the Nave

There are four windows viewing from the east:-
Next to the pulpit there is a memorial window representing St. George. The dedication reads "To the Glory of God in Memory of Author George Leather Culley of Fowberry, sometimes Lieutenant Coldstream Guards. Born 1879 - entered life eternal 1910. Given by his parents and his wife. Fear God. Love the brotherhood. Honour the king." His medals are portrayed at the bottom.

The second window as given in memory of D. F. Bell aged 19 and F. R. Bell aged 17, daughters of the Reverend Henry Bell, ho died September 2nd 1883 and September 6th 1882. Its depicted the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins (Mathew 25:1-13) and contains the quotation "Watch, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh". At the top of the window is an angel with a crown and a falling star. This window was designed by the Newcastle artist George Joseph Baguley and is unusual, for in it Baguley departs from his normal style and shows a strong influence of the "aesthetic movement".

The third window (also by Baguley, but more his usual style) is in memory of Helen Darling (b. 1806 d. 1884). It is in two sections, both of the theme of faith. The left hand window shows the Canaanite woman asking Jesus to heal her daughter, together with the quote "O woman great is thy faith". The right hand window shows the prophecy of St. Peters denial with the words " I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not" (Luke 22:32). Above the window is an angel holding a scroll on which are written the words; "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God". This window was placed in the church on May 1st 1886.

Above the fourth window is an angel carrying a crown and a palm branch. It is described as "Sacred to the memory of George Culley born January 26th 1834, died September 10th 1893". Like the last window it is in two sections. The left hand side shows Jesus' resurrection appearance to Thomas, with the words "My Lord and my God", and the right hand side depicts the parable of the talents with the words "well done thy good and faithful servant" again this window was designed by George Baguley.

The Tower

At the entrance to the church there is a small window of a cross, decorated with vines. The inscription reads, "in loving memory of Henry Edward Bell B. A. vicar 1871 to 1875. The Patron and pardoners adorned and beautified this church in 1897 being the 60th year of Victoria Queen and Empress and the 1300th Anniversary of the landing of St. Augustine.